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The Omega Productions Records presents the first Halloween Mixtape, including more than one hour of B-soundtracks: Tim Krog, Steve Moore, John Carpenter, Goblin, Berto Pisano and many more.

Mostly ripped from our vinyls archives, the mixtape also includes some non-officially edited tracks from "Faces Of Death", "Madhouse" or "Burial Ground". Enjoy this terrible mix for your horror party !

Total time: 1:29:36


from "The Omega Productions Records presents" .​.​. Halloween Mixtape, track released October 15, 2017

01. The Burning (The Chase Continues) - Rick Wakeman
02. The Boogey Man (Version 3) - Tim Krog
03. Final Exam (End Titles) - Gary S. Scott
04. Opera (Black Notes) - Claudio Simonetti
05. Child's Play (End Titles) - Joe Renzetti
06. Hard Rock Zombies (Angel's First Victim) - Paul Sabu
07. The Return Of The Living Dead (Surfin' Dead) - The Cramps
08. A Nightmare On Elm Street 5 (Main Titles) - Jay Ferguson
09. Solamente Nero (Opening Titles) - Stelvio Cipriani & Goblin
10. Suor Omicidi (Seq. 4) - Alessandro Alessandroni
11. Fascination (La Valse Grinçante) - Philippe D'Aram
12. Faces Of Death (Heart Surgery) - Gene Kauer*
13. Unhinged (Main Titles) - Jonathan Newton*

"Our Feature Presentation ..."

14. Nekromantik (Pas De Deux) - Lorenz, Kepp & Walton
15. Maniac (Juno) - Rob
16. A Murder Collection (Escape From The Peep-Show / The Chase) - Lucas Giorgini
17. Non Ho Sonno (Death Farm) - Goblin
18. Cub (Finale) - Steve Moore
19. Night Of The Living Dead (Main Title) - Various
20. Madhouse (Opening) - Riz Ortolani*
21. The Revenge Of The Living Dead Girls (Phantasia) - Christopher Ried
22. Patrick Vive Ancora (Main Titles) - Berto Pisano*
23. Burial Ground (Seq. 1) - Elsio Mancuso & Berto Pisano*
24. Fright Night (Window Watching) - Brad Fiedel
25. Amityville II: The Possession (Main Titles) - Lalo Schifrin*
26. Possession (The Night The Screaming Stops) - Andrzej Korzynski
27. A L'Intérieur (Sara) - Rapahël Gesqua (Rejected Score)*
28. The Exorcist III (Opening) - Barry De Vorzon*
29. In The Mouth Of Madness (Main Theme) - John Carpenter

Tracks 1,2 &14 available at One Way Static Records
Track 4 available at Rustblade Records
Tracks 9, 10 & 15 available at Death Waltz Records / Mondo
Tracks 11 & 26 available at Finders Keepers Records
Track 3 available at AEI Records
Track 5 available at Milan Records
Track 6 available at Trema
Track 7 available at Enigma Records
Tracks 8 & 19 available at Varèse Sarabande
Track 24 available at Night Fever Music
Track 17 available at Cinevox Records / AMS
Track 18 available at Relapse Records
Tracks 16 & 21 available at The Omega Productions Records
Track 29 available at DRG Records (CD)
*Non-officially released tracks

® © All rights reserved. This compilation is for promotional use only, not for sale.


all rights reserved



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Label founded in 2015 by Lucas Giorgini, dedicated to obscure French'xploitation soundtracks and electronic releases.

Based in Metz (Lorraine, France)

In collaboration with friend label, Specific Bis (Metz, France).
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