Collection "Horreur à la française" - Volume 2 (SPCFCBIS002)

Specific Bis & The Omega Productions Records present the premiere LP release of Christopher Ried, "La Revanche Des Mortes Vivantes" a.k.a "The Living Dead" a.k.a "The Revenge Of The Living Dead Girls".

"La Revanche Des Mortes Vivantes" was made in 1986 by Pierre B. Reinhard and released on vinyl the same year by EPM Music. Promoted as France's first gore film, the motion picture is a consumate shocker of horror and sex that as grown into a legend as being one of the sickest and most perverse of zombie films.

"In France, the CEO of a chemical company looks to cheaply dispose of their plant's chemical waste. He and his secretary come up with the idea to dump it illegally. When the secretary contaminates a milk tanker, it causes several deaths in the town. The toxic waste, illegally dumped in a nearby graveyard, then causes the recently dead townspeople to rise as ravenous zombies, who seek revenge on the unscrupulous company and its employees.."

Directly taken from the original master tapes from Christian Bonneau/EPM Music and mastered by Julien Louvet, the release contains for the first time ever a selection of 13 tracks.

Limited Collector’s Edition.

- Tracklist -

01 - Phantasia

02 - Occult Voices

03 - Tomb Opening

04 - Death Ceremonial

05 - Slow Words

06 - Mystic Empire

07 - Space Wind

08 - Grave

09 - Day Of The Dead

10 - Mystic Organ

11 - Evil Blow

12 - Odyssey

13 - Doom

Total disc time: 36:43


from La Revanche Des Mortes Vivantes ("The Revenge Of The Living Dead Girls") (The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack), track releases March 2, 2018
Artwork: Jennie Zakrzewski
Composed By: Christopher Ried
Layout: Jennie Zakrzewski
Remastered By: Julien Louvet

Release by Specific Bis,
Under licence of The Omega Productions Records.


all rights reserved